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Are you looking to buy desktop presets Lightroom? Then you’ve come to the right place! We have desktop presets for all versions of Lightroom, and Photoshop.

Make sure you have a Creative Cloud subscription and your desktop apps are up to date, in order to use our .xmp preset-files.

If you bought a standalone version of Lightroom Classic in the past, we have presets for you too, compatible with older versions (7.2 and older)!

Below you can find the desktop preset packs that fit your style most. From vintage presets to portrait to light and airy presets: we have the right fit for you!

Read further for more information about Lightroom desktop presets.

What Are Desktop Presets?

Lightroom desktop presets are photo filters in a way. It’s a combination of edit-settings that are saved in a preset. If you apply the preset on a photo, all the settings are applied to a photo.

The big advantage of a preset vs. a standard filter is that you can go back into the settings and make photo-specific changes. Each photo is different (different light, location, colors) and a preset looks different on every photo.

We created our desktop presets (vs. mobile presets) specifically for the Adobe photo apps on desktop, and are optimized for RAW photos. The desktop presets will also work with JPG images.

Can I Test the Presets Before I Buy?

Kind of! You can send us 1-5 of your best photos (the presets work best with pictures you’re already happy with, but miss that ‘wow’ effect that a preset can add), email them to [email protected] and we will edit them for you. 

By sending in your photos, you agree that the image (before/after) may be used on our channels for promotion!

What Are the Best Presets?

The best desktop presets are the ones that fit your style. You can use presets for Instagram photos, for example.

On Instagram, you might want to curate your feed and presets will help make your photos look consistent.

Our desktop presets add that specific look to your photos that we have on our own Instagram photos!

Make sure to follow us at @onceuponajourney and follow @onceuponapreset for tutorials and more information about new presets.

Check our FAQ page for more frequently asked questions about presets!

How Do I Add Presets in Lightroom?

For the up-to-date versions of Lightroom (previously Lightroom CC), Lightroom Classic and Photoshop, you need .xmp preset files. We have a step-by-step installation guide where we explain how to add presets on desktop.

Lightroom presets xmp or lrtemplate files

And we have a step-by-step Lightroom tutorial on our blog, where we explain how to edit and how to make adjustments to presets.

Presets are best used as a base. Yes, edits can look great with 1 click, but since every photo is unique, we encourage you to make some adjustments after applying a preset.

Make some colors pop (see how in this video), play around with the lighting, and give it your own twist!

Desktop Presets to Mobile Presets

If you have a Creative Cloud subscription, you can easily connect desktop presets to Lightroom mobile, and vice versa.

When you added the Lightroom desktop presets (in the application with the same rounded cornered icon as Lightroom Mobile), the presets will automatically sync with Lightroom mobile, and vice versa.

The presets will not automatically sync with Lightroom Classic.

How to Install Presets Desktop Lightroom Cloud
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